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alice walker | the nature of this flower is to bloom

Alice Walker

The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom

Rebellious. Living.
Against the Elemental Crush.
A Song of Color
For Deserving Eyes.
Blooming Gloriously
For its Self.

Revolutionary Petunia.

[from: THE SWEET BREATHING OF PLANTS, Women Writing on the Green World, Edited by Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson, North Point Press, 2001]


  1. Love the poem! Always looking for ways to talk about flowers and she did it perfectly.

  2. Lovely photo and verse. Looks so summery.

  3. Phil Hansotia

    June 19, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    The Whole is larger than a sum-of-the-Parts——-in flowers as in humans, Thats what makes flowers and humans attractive!!. Cheers, Phil Hansotia.

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