to the small poem and the quiet voice within

don wentworth | 2nd annual bashō haiku challenge chapbook

waiting for you—
the window changes
into a mirror

Jacek Margolak | Kielce, Poland

on the hospice wall
a nightingale sings
in black brushstroke

Roberta Beary | Washington, DC

Up the river –
a boat splits
the Milky Way

Eduard Tara | Iasi, Romania

the thunderbolt
in the kitchen a flash
of an empty chair

Marija Pogorilic | Rovinjsko Selo, Croatia

Just a thin crack, but
a flower has rooted there—
That must be my heart

Geoffrey A. Landis | Berea, OH

From: 2nd Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge Chapbook, $3.00, Modest Proposal Chapbooks, an imprint of Lilliput Review, Don Wentworth, Editor, 282 Main Street, Pittsburg, PA 15201

Editors Note: One Found-poem Haiku, in the beautiful inscription of this copy sent to me from abroad:

something to read
while taking a walk
sipping on a glass of wine

Monsieur K | Saint- Nazaire, France

Don Wentworth | 2nd Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge Chapbook | please click the cover above if you are interested in buying this book…


  1. Jude, hey

    Nearly all of these make me want to sit down and just think … the afternoon away.

  2. Nancy R

    Thanks for introducing me to Don Wentworth’s press. I love his tiny volumes.

  3. Robert M. Zoschke

    The Croatian’s is scaringly close to Keroac’s summer chair in a snowstorm haiku from over fifty years ago.

  4. Don

    A tip o’ the hat, Norb (Monsieur K) – Don

  5. Jude, hey

    In this room, the walls
    stand witness to love’s passion
    survive fire and ice.

  6. Barbara Larsen

    small birds hopscotch
    in the tree tops
    merrying my heart

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