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don wentworth | 2nd annual bashō haiku challenge chapbook

waiting for you—
the window changes
into a mirror

Jacek Margolak | Kielce, Poland

on the hospice wall
a nightingale sings
in black brushstroke

Roberta Beary | Washington, DC

Up the river –
a boat splits
the Milky Way

Eduard Tara | Iasi, Romania

the thunderbolt
in the kitchen a flash
of an empty chair

Marija Pogorilic | Rovinjsko Selo, Croatia

Just a thin crack, but
a flower has rooted there—
That must be my heart

Geoffrey A. Landis | Berea, OH

From: 2nd Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge Chapbook, $3.00, Modest Proposal Chapbooks, an imprint of Lilliput Review, Don Wentworth, Editor, 282 Main Street, Pittsburg, PA 15201

Editors Note: One Found-poem Haiku, in the beautiful inscription of this copy sent to me from abroad:

something to read
while taking a walk
sipping on a glass of wine

Monsieur K | Saint- Nazaire, France

Don Wentworth | 2nd Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge Chapbook | please click the cover above if you are interested in buying this book…


  1. Nearly all of these make me want to sit down and just think … the afternoon away.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Don Wentworth’s press. I love his tiny volumes.

  3. Robert M. Zoschke

    January 14, 2011 at 9:51 am

    The Croatian’s is scaringly close to Keroac’s summer chair in a snowstorm haiku from over fifty years ago.

  4. A tip o’ the hat, Norb (Monsieur K) – Don

  5. In this room, the walls
    stand witness to love’s passion
    survive fire and ice.

  6. small birds hopscotch
    in the tree tops
    merrying my heart

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