to the small poem and the quiet voice within

don wentworth | lilliput review no. 181, 182, 183

In memory of Hugh Fox (“Renoir-babe face…”) who was always there before the rest of us. n.b.

Lilliput Review #181, 182, 183

From Lilliput #182:

rain drops
a floating moon

you me
a blue moon

in midnight lightning
the moon

by Michael L. Newell

From Lilliput # 183:

the earth whispered into my ear
something about being lonely
To which I replied
with the soft brushstrokes of
twenty two unwritten love letters
addressed to last Tuesday morning.

— Brian J.Helt

One bluegill among the minnows
Wild things in a temple of weeds
Charred bones from the trash pit fashioned into chimes
going click, click, click
The dog lets out a low moan
Shhh, it’s only the roof leaking
What’s in your pocket, Antonio Machado?
Forgive me, I haven’t read you in so long

— Theresa Williams

Weather report…it will be better in fall
When milkweed pods rattle like shards of
bone. When yellow leaves scatter across
streets gather in eddies like old men in
diners When we walk the prairie gather
seeds fill the buckets When you say some
birds stay on When the goldenrod bends
with the weight of pale finches and I say
what happens to all the yellow feathers I
never see them on the ground

— Jean Tomasko

You want to learn about prayer?
Walk these forests and fields.

All of the green in the world
towards the light.

— Charlie Mehrhoff

From Lilliput #181:

waking from a dream an umbrella opens

— Cherie Hunter Day

in my mother’s house
i practice
as silver hair falls
in this ink-dark night

— Steven E. Cottingham



cracked (old)

— Ed Baker

not looking
for something
a poem

— Scott Watson

Just legs and a rainbow skirt, Renoir-babe
face, creek-flow hair out walking Franḉaise
roads, why just making it to 65 and not sixty-five
million years?

— Hugh Fox

I.M. Hugh Fox, 1932-2011
In memory,
in the moment,

— dw

Editor’s Note: Another stuffed white envelope of little books of poems (4¼”by 3½”) from Don Wentworth, editor (Lilliput Review), arrived in the mail the other day, as they do periodically through the year. His icon/logo of that fantastical creature-image from Hieronymus Bosch is immediately identifiable as “Lilliput.” It’s always an occasion to see who and all Don’s gathered together in honor of the small poem, as I have tried to do in the small sampling above. Given my longtime admiration of the small poem, I try to be as supportive as possible to poets practicing the art of less is more and publishers giving few words much attention.

Give yourself or a friend a Christmas gift of Lilliput Review:
6 Issues = $5.00 / Foreign= $10.00
15 Issues = $10.00 / Foreign= $20.00

LR is published quarterly, shipped two issues at a time, every 4th issue being a broadside that features the work of a single poet. All poems submitted should be 10 lines or less, 3 poem maximum per submission. SASE or in the trash. All poems should be previously unpublished, unless noted. Payment for accepted work is 2 copies of the issue in which the work appears. Reporting time is 2 to 16 weeks. Checks payable to: Don Wentworth or Paypal online

Lilliput Review
Don Wentworth, Editor
282 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

You’ll be surprised how much “Basho Ah” Don can pack in 16 little pages with a single staple. — Norbert Blei


  1. Jackie

    How absolutely beautiful; I’d forgotten about this little mag. Thanks for the memory-jog.

  2. Hatto Fischer

    if it includes the blue moon
    some sadness
    in tranquile eyes
    lift the sun
    over the moon

  3. Phil Hansotia

    This little magazine should be called “The Quilt”. Shimmering fragments drawn from scattered lives reporting on loneliness, decaying age, and a sense of discarded worth,–onlookers who come alive when stitched together, in one volume, with one staple into a comforting “Quilt”. An autograph of silent poets. Phil Hansotia.

  4. Don


    Oh, my, what a great honor to have the new issues featured here in such a perceptive, feeling manner.

    I am most grateful, indeed, and very lucky to have the opportunity to interact with such fine poets and readers.

    And thanks so very much for the tribute to Hugh Fox, as generous a man and as fine a poet as I’ve had the pleasure to know.

    Don @ Lilliput

  5. Patt Clark

    I just subscribed. Thank you for bringing the poetry and the magazine to your blog. Any other recommendations would bring delight to this reader.

  6. Steven Cottingham

    I love this site — and LP. Keep it up

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