to the small poem and the quiet voice within




Writing something
To leave behind
Is yet another kind of dream.
When I awake I know that
There will be no one to read it.


  1. David Dix

    I think of writing as extending into the ether and the cosmos via today’s tech medium. Some theorists put forward such signals are archic, thus may return to hit one in the ass.

  2. steve fortney

    so that’s what he looks like.

    my maitreya character in the novel of the same name belongs to the shuho-ikkyu lineage of buddhism. he is a troublemaker and a bit dangerous.

  3. Sandra McPherson

    There could be someone to recite it, someone to hear it, someone to sing it, someone to translate it into a nation’s language that as yet did not exist, someone to teach it, someone to censor it but still hide a copy.

  4. Norbert Blei


    Now there’s a poem.
    Your words to read
    and keep.
    Thank you…

    norb blei

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