to the small poem and the quiet voice within

lorine niedecker

clean-smelling house
sweet cedar pink
…………….flesh tint
I love you

Lorine Niedecker

[from Lorine Niedecker, Collected Works, edited by Jenny Penberty, 2002, University of California Press]


  1. Ann En

    Always surprised at the places I find Lorine.Mostly I find her on Blackhawk Island which is near my home.

    My friend tree
    I sawed you down
    but I must attend
    an older friend
    the sun LN

  2. Jude hey

    My favorite of hers, remembering her Mother:

    where her snow-grave is
    the YOU
    ah, YOU
    of mourning doves”

    Thanks for bring her, and the doves, to mind this morning.

  3. Barbara Fitz Vroman

    She inspires one to follow in her steps,
    to just catch hold of one thing a day that
    stops your heart for a minute, and soon one
    would have a whole life, one’ s own life …captured.
    This need to capture, to share…where does it come from?

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