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Illustration by Betsy Bowen


home for Christmas:
my childhood desk drawer

— Michael Dylan Welch

a baseball glove
under the Christmas tree

— Cor Van Der Heuvel

In the passing caboose……… Christmas lights

— Alexis Rotella

Editor’s Note: The three haiku are from THE HAIKU ANTHOLOGY, Third Edition., edited by Cor Van Der Heuvel, W.W.Norton, 1999. A perfect Christmas gift for poets and lovers of poetry. The illustration, by Betsy Bowen, from her book, ANTLER, BEAR, CANOE, A Northwoods Alphabet Year, Little Brown and Co.1991. Another highly recommended Christmas gift for kids or adults, whether one knows the alphabet or not…anything illustrated by Betsy Bowen (woodblock prints) a visual poem in its own right. — Norbert Blei


  1. David Dix


    Read these haikus just after taking stills of you off your fine link you sent yesterday, ><

    Am having a great Norblei day. Merry Christmas!

  2. Dick Finch

    Yes, I remember the baseball glove under the tree … I had studied it for weeks when walking past Smith Hardware on Main Street. At $4.95 it was too much to hope for!

  3. Ralph Murre

    Christmas eve
    following some yonder star
    a UPS truck

  4. Barbara Vroman

    Gift winging through the air, landing on desk instead of
    under tree. Nothing I can touch, only feel, smile, love.
    So many people with such unique and beautiful things to

    Thanks to Santa Blei.

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