to the small poem and the quiet voice within

william eiden


Folded paper birds
….haiku made from
………..poem scraps

–William Eiden

[from HUMMINGBIRD, VOL. XVII, No. 3, March 2007]

Editor’s Note: Phyllis Walsh, though now living in a senior retirement center continues to publish HUMMINGBIRD twice a year. Wisconsin poet, CX Dillhunt is her technical editor. The latest issue: Volume XX, Number 2, is dated March 2010.

I can’t praise the beauty and significance of this truly ‘little’ magazine enough. Or be more proud that it originates from the state of Wisconsin with subscribers all over the world. Equally important how it continues to celebrate and support both new writers in search of mastering the small, haiku/haiku-like poem, while honoring as well old and new masters, from Wisconsin’s own Lorine Niedecker, to Cid Corman, Bob Arnold, Vincent Tripi, H.F. Noyes (Greece), Phyllis Walsh herself, Tom Montag, Robert Schuler, Charlie Mehrhoff, and Jim Kacian, among others. It’s always a delight to open the small envelope a couple of times a year and find the gift of a new HUMMINGBIRD humming in your hands. If the small poem is your interest or desire, you need to subscribe and support this publication. $5 an issue, $10 a year—published twice a year. -–Norbert Blei

Contact information: Phyllis Walsh, Harbour Village, 5600 Mockingbird Lane Apartment D103, Greendale, Wi 53129


  1. Ann Engelman

    Hummingbird is the best gift. . .till the next one comes.

    I love poetry
    I love how it looks on the page
    Sometimes, I read it

    but I always read the poems in Hummingbird. Same for Lorine Niedecker’s short poems.

    My friend tree
    I sawed you down
    but I must attend
    an older friend
    the sun
    Lorine Niedecker

  2. Barbara Fitz Vroman

    The perfume of literature. Life captured in a palm.
    Stops the heart for a moment.

    Barbara Fitz Vroman

  3. Donna Fleischer

    Phyllis Walsh is as fine an editor as she is a poet. A remarkable and rare combination. I go to her poems regularly, for watering my self. The following is from her book, “center stillness”:

    set in water patterns
    lake center

  4. Barbara Larsen

    So happy to be brought up to date on Phyllis Walsh and know where to subscribe again. Thanks.

  5. Robert Schuler

    Phyllis Walsh is a wonderful person, writer, and editor. Hummingbird is one of the great literary journals. Phyllis has worked unceasingly to make poetry a central part of our lives.

  6. CX Dillhunt

    Yes, Phyllis is a delight and gift to us all! I’ve corresponded with her since the first issue in 1996…it’s just recently that we met in person…I called her & said we had to keep Humming Bird: Magazine of the Short Poem alive, I learned how to write haiku from her & Hummingbird, and have learned even more the past few years as a technical & now assistant editor, the next issue (XXI, 2) s due to fly later this month (Winter/Spring 2011). Great to read all the good words about Hummingbird. –CX

  7. k m koenigs

    Beautiful site. This appears to be a genuine literary magazine.
    But. It’s strange. I cannot find out how to submit work. Where do we send our haiku?

    Thank you.

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