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charles rossiter

Charles Rossiter

scattered leaves—
two guitar picks
on the blues man’s headstone

[from: Broadside Beat #8, tinywords/ON HAIKU AND MICROPOETRY, by d.f.tweney, 5 pages, $3; Cross+Roads Press, P.O. Box 33, Ellison Bay, WI 54210]


  1. Very fine — as an old blues harmonica player I can certainly relate Thanks so much, Leo

  2. Right up there and maybe e’en higher
    than the pebbles left on Thoreau’s……

  3. Norb, thanks for passing this on. It was Howlin’ Wolf’s grave which is just out Roosevelt road a bit from us.

  4. On her gravestone
    Not so often visited
    A sack of candy.

    (wrote this in 1972 – after witnessing this in a cemetery)

    Thank you for sending out yours – always love them.Bonnie

  5. Hoar frost diamonds
    Flashing from every twig –
    My camera does not see

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