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Editor’s Note: Literature-ly speaking—-STILL, one of the best bangs for your buck to be found on the little mag scene here or abroad. Don Wentworth knows the territory (write small, publish ‘little’, think big), knows the word, cherishes and celebrates it like few others on the little mag/small press scene. Not to mention he keeps the doors of publication open to one and all, first-timers, old-timers… Something rare. We all owe him our support.

LR is published quarterly, shipped two issues at a time, every 4th issue being a broadside that features the work of a single poet. All poems submitted should be 10 lines or less, 3 poem maximum per submission. SASE or in the trash. All poems should be previously unpublished, unless noted. Payment for accepted work is 2 copies of the issue in which the work appears. Reporting time is 2 to 12 weeks.


1 issue + 1.00 or SASE or 2 stamps
6 issues + $5.00/Foreign+ $10.00
15 issues = $10.00/Foreign + $20.00

Checks payable to: Don Wentworth, Editor, 282 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 or Payable online: http//:lilliputreview.blogspot.com

— Norbert Blei

summer suddenly old age

– t. kilgore splake

is back—

spring’s black eye.

– Robert E. Wood

around my neck
the knot
my father taught me

– Noel Sloboda

from LILLIPUT, #186, Summer 2012, $1]

Kerouac Atlas

He draws a star on a bar napkin
and says, “You are here.”
Then he flips the napkin over
“This,” he says, pointing
at the empty expanse,
“this is where you want to be.”

– Johnny F. Nickles

she suggests
I go for a bone scan
I had
black hair

– Frances Angela


The water in the bowl after
the flowers have been lifted out

– Dan O’Brien

[from LILLIPUT REVIEW, #187, Summer, 2012, $1]