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I’ll never find out now
What A. thought of me.
If B. ever forgave me in the end.
Why C. pretended everything was fine.
What part D. played in E’s silence.
What F. had been expecting, if anything.
Why G. forgot when she knew perfectly well.
What H. had to hide.
What I. wanted to add.
If my being around
meant anything
to J. and K. and the rest of the alphabet.

[from The New Yorker, December, 2004]


  1. A is for Awe, how nice.
    B is for Brave.
    C is for Come on.
    D is for Dance!

  2. Ever since grade school I have had a passion for:
    Hand writing
    The Alphabet
    Alphabetical order
    All things about the alphabet…… ours and others
    They wrote on clay
    They carved steles
    I wrote on textiles
    ……………and how about tea and a snack at the camp today Sunday, 1:30?
    I’ll watch YOU play with the ABC stuff in your inimitable way.

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