to the small poem and the quiet voice within

david budbill | tomorrow


we are
bones and ash,
the roots of weeds
poking through
our skulls.

simple clothes,
empty mind,
full stomach,
alive, aware,
right here,
right now.

Drunk on music,
who needs wine?

Come on,
let’s go dancing
while we’ve
still got feet.

[from WHILE WE’VE STILL GOT FEET, by David Budbill | Copper Canyon Press, 2005]


  1. David Dix

    Having celebrated the life of Win Redding of Waukesha just yesterday, a man of only 54 with a lovely wife and three boys, this Budhill verse hits especially hard home. His service included the hymn, “The Lord of the Dance.”

    Thank you for your time-honored selections!

  2. Jude hey

    If there’s not a cajun two step going on at my funeral pyre, I’m not going to speak to any of you again!
    (bring marshmallows … )

  3. Barbara Fitz Vroman

    It is the last stanza that delights me most. Our spirits are
    important, our vision maps our roads, but how glorious
    to have feet to dance with!

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