to the small poem and the quiet voice within

kazuaki tanahashi | brush mind


  • You can’t hide anything in a line. You are there whatever line you draw. And you will stay there, even when you go somewhere else. If your personality is interesting enough, the line will be interesting. To do this you have to be fearless.

  • If you are a one-line artist, you can write a one-line poem, do a one-line dance, or file a one-line tax form.

  • If each moment is our entire life, how dare we kill time? If each stroke is our entire breath, how dare we correct it?

  • Let the brush see it.

  • One-line poem? Why not a one-word poem?

  • You cannot have accuracy without simplicity.

  • What pleases our eyes is not dangerous enough.

  • A good teacher takes you somewhere else. An excellent teacher changes you where you are.

[from BRUSH MIND, 1990, Parallax Press, P.O. Box 7355, Berkeley, CA, 94707]

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  1. steve fortney

    a new book you should look at.

    Confessions of a buddhist atheist

    stephen batchellor

    quite the finest thing i’ve read on the subject so far.

  2. Alice D'Alessio


    This was my one word poem. The website objected and told me it was too short.

  3. Barbara Fitz Vroman

    Ah, hard sayings for those who words come too easily
    and abundantly. Great saying for those who love to
    edit. “Go sell all that you have and buy the pearl of great price.” Yes, these words do not make me hum, but they
    make me bow my head.

  4. Sandra McPherson

    Magnificent. Thank you for putting this up. As for Very Brief poems, I recall my daughter, who spoke autistically late, calling a mailman a “purse-papa” and an electric fan a “temperature-broom.”

  5. Kris Thacher

    Once again, you have changed where I am.

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