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amos oz | how would i like to write?


How would I like to write?
Like an old Greek who calls up the dead and shakes up the living. Or like a snowman passing alone and barefoot. To record the mountain to note the sea with a fine tip, like sketching out a pattern for embroidery. To write like a Russian travelling merchant making his way from here to China. He finds a shack. And sketches it. In the evening he looks, in the night he draws, and he finishes before dawn. Then he pays and goes on his way with the break of day.

[from THE SAME SEA. Harcourt, 1999]


  1. Alice D'Alessio

    So glad to see this, Norb. My favorite book. And thanks for the photo – I could love this man.
    Hope you are gaining…

  2. Jackie

    Another book I just have to buy. Lovely.

  3. Phil Hansotia

    I guess many of us could identify with him. Hope you are feeling much better and regaining strength. Phil.

  4. Judith Wiker

    An amused expression, a teasing, of the delicate cadence of his words that follow, spinning pirouettes across the landscape of the screen.

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