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gary busha | the perfect haiku

Gary Busha

The perfect haiku
……….like this red-breasted robin
has not built a nest.

This house wren scolds me
……….every time I come outdoors,
as if I don’t live in my own house.

Sammy, my old black lab
needs help getting up into the truck
……….“You’ll make it, ” I say
leaning heavily on my cane.


  1. Dick Finch

    Welcome back! Yes, these trucks are much too far above the gravel. I’ll be thinking of the old black lab each time I run an errand!

  2. Phil Hansotia

    When the tread on the tyres of our lives wears thin,who among us is not leaning on his cane? As for the black lab, he still has the spunk to climb into the truck with help—its when you stop wanting that the trouble begins, Cheers,Phil

  3. Bruce Hodder

    Very nice, especially number three.

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