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haikurotica | 3×3: cook, kimmel, winke

3×3: Cook, Kimmel, Winke

Wanda D. Cook

anniversary night
arranging her body
how it used to fit his

scented bath
touching my breasts
after you

carrying the harvest
…….the rhythm
…….of her hips

Larry Kimmel

turning from the window
her blouse full of sunshine
and shadow

over the kitchen table
a 60 watt bulb

snuggled together
her nipple centered in my palm
sleep comes

Jeffrey Winke

erotic email
the pulse of the cursor
matches my own

after the summer fair
she strips to her
neon glow necklace

cramped coach
her warmth

[from: ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER, Bottle Rockets Press. A 3-in-1 anthology (#2), 2012, P.O. Box 189, Windsor, CT 06095]


  1. Nancy

    Who is the creator of this cover art please? Very fun.

    • Monsieur K.

      …click the cover please and you will find out.

  2. Jeffrey Winke

    This is a fun book. Glad to be a part of it!

  3. Barbara Vroman

    All those lovely, one of a kind love makings going on, adding
    the joy of lust and love to life for millions of different couples.
    A gruitious gift from ALL THAT IS.

  4. Nancy

    Does Mr. S. Forrester get the credit for the cover art? Sorry to be so blind…

  5. Norbert Blei


    The credit as stated in the book reads:

    “Introduction, graphics, and design by Stanford M. Forrester,
    c 2012”


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