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jan mielke | late summer…

Jan Mielke

Late summer…
tall, broad-faced
field sentinels sway,
intoxicated by
summer sunlight


  1. Leonard Cirinoq

    August 23, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Fine and lovely, thanks, Leonard

  2. In my long 75 years it has not gone unnoticed that sunflowers in a field move, facing the sun. That has been amother lesson of life. Beautiful word arrangement. Thanks.

  3. In the first year of the prairie, the annual sunflowers dominated. Tall, smiling, and facing the sun. The second year, a few appeared. Today they are a smiling memory!

  4. It is so

    Dreamy photo
    lovely words

  5. A tribute to just one of the beautiful free things that inhabit
    our world, so exquisitely done in so few words.

  6. Sphere in Oulu the summer is almost gone. Head south.

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