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judith wiker | humming bird

Judith Wiker

Humming Bird

I’ve just embellished myself
for the hummers migration
red dress, red shoes, red lips
a cup of tea on the veranda…
waiting, waiting, waiting
do you think they will notice?

Judith Wiker lives outside of Chicago in a remote enclave called the Secret Garden. Embraced by a majestic oak forest, this modest artistic shelter provides an inspirational refuge from the surrounding urban sprawl.

Judith has been a teacher of creative development at the College of DuPage and remains an artist, writer, poet and singer/songwriter. She is currently in private practice and a consultant to physicians and psychologists in the field of alternative medicine.

Children of Fire is her debut compilation. Blushing Palm, her latest album, was released in the spring of 2009, with lyrics inspired by ten poems in this collection.


  1. Jackie Langetieg

    Lovely image and lovely poem.

  2. Gary Busha

    I think they will all notice.

  3. gabriela piccini

    the beauty of nature is there in a few words.


  4. miller-jay

    use not flock with birds that hover;
    all see veranda lady by themselves,
    ‘cept for errant blind one,
    but he, though missing red,
    still hears her humming.

  5. Juan

    Just exquisite … !

  6. Eliza De Vries

    Love the subtelty and grace to your work…shall visit here often…The understated speaks to my heart..

  7. Jean Casey

    Overkill! A red chiffon gorget would do. :>}

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