to the small poem and the quiet voice within

julie eger | grandfather


I longed
for some love
and he reached in his pocket
for a quarter.

Julie Eger


  1. Barbara Vroman

    This is only a small example of the cogent, meaningful poetry
    Julie Eger is turning out. She won first place in the Wisconsin
    Regional Writing poetry contest, out of an unsually high number
    of submissions. She also placed 10th of out hundreds of short story submissions to WOW (Women on Writing.) Check out her
    burgeoning talent on

  2. SandyCarlson

    What do we need…and what is enough? I enjoyed this post.

  3. Tammie

    I wonder if a quarter was love
    to him
    so much expressed in so few words~

  4. shraddha

    how fantastic is that…very relatable too..

  5. if

    different times…….different intentions…different needs….different expectations….too many differences to match…

  6. Geraldine

    Oh so touching. I loved your take on this prompt. G

  7. Carlos Gesmundo

    I love what this poem says. We have different ways of showing love. It depends on who we are and what we have and what the moment is. Thanks for sharing this one.

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