to the small poem and the quiet voice within

kristin thacher | winter morning

Photo by Norbert Blei

Kristin Thacher

Winter Morning

Night has gone to rest in his old shed
on the shore of the frozen bay.
See, there, the trail in the snow,
where he dragged the stars inside with him?


  1. Nancy

    Perfection. Thank you

  2. Nancy Akerly

    Perfection. Thank you.

  3. David Dix

    I would sleep in a shed like that
    stars optional
    beautiful photo, words

  4. Ralph Murre

    Now, here’s some poetry; here’s a poet. Wish I had four lines of that quality out of my last four thousand.

  5. Howard Sherpe

    So much said in so few words.
    your photo is also like a great painting. The photo and words combine in a wonderful image.

  6. Alice D'Alessio

    Good job, Kris! Couldn’t have been a better accompaniment.

  7. John Bennett

    nice, very nice..

  8. Sue Peterson

    Perfect friends, the winter shed, the poem. Thanks

  9. Bonnie Hartmann

    a perfect haiku.

  10. Sharon Auberle

    ekphrastic poetry par excellence!

  11. Marie Skrobot

    once again a beautiful poem..with stars…

    thank you for this gift…


  12. Sue Peterson

    Perfect friends….the winter shed….the poem. Thanks

  13. Tom's Jude

    Thank you…perfect photo and words to end a cold winter day.

  14. Leonard Cirinoq

    Just excellent! Leo

  15. Julie

    I loved the photo and then the poem…Kris… it just brought it all home. It’s simply amazing!

  16. Steve Fortney

    lovely. and the recent photos demonstrate so clearly how beautiful winter can be.

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