to the small poem and the quiet voice within

li po | for tu fu



On Boiled Rice Mountain
I met Tu Fu

wearing a big round
bamboo hat
in the hot noon sun

Tu Fu
how come
you’ve grown
so thin?

you must be suffering
too much
from poetry!

[from FIVE T’ANG POETS, translated by David Young]


  1. Steve Fortney

    some of us grow fat on poetry

  2. Jackie

    If only that worked––I think Tu Fu has been imbibing again (and again) as Li Po said on many occasions. I think he traveled so much because he tipped over the dinner bowl so often!

  3. David Dix

    And at 75
    I ain’t even begun
    to suffer
    unlike my readers

    Thanks again, NB

  4. Leonard Cirinoq

    Yes, I know this one, thanks, Leo getting fat

  5. Jude, hey

    Get drunk on words and fat on love. Yes.

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