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mark strand | provisional eternity

Holy Trinity | Painting by Norbert Blei

Mark Strand

Provisional Eternity

A man and a woman lay in bed. “Just one more time,” said the man, “just one more time.” “Why do you keep saying that?” said the woman. “Because I never want it to end,” said the man. “What don’t you want to end?” said the woman. “This,” said the man, “this never wanting it to end.”

[from The New Yorker, June 13 & 20, 2011]


  1. Steve Fortney

    eternity in time; watch the juniper bush

  2. jeanne

    Don’t we all hope for this when love finds us? I know I do.
    Thanks Mark.

  3. Phil Hansotia

    In love as in any intimacy, whats precious is the desire to give, (not receive). That desire makes the relationship special. The act itself can be purchased and be emotionally empty. The man’s cry of “one more time”, is a whimper of uncertainty. Phil Hansotia

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