to the small poem and the quiet voice within

one poem by Bashō, two translations…


It was with awe
That I beheld
Fresh leaves, green leaves,
Bright in the sun.

from THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH and Other Travel Sketches, Penguin Classics, Translated by Nobuyuki Yuasa


speechless before
these budding green spring leaves
in blazing sunlight

from NARROW ROAD TO THE INTERIOR and Other Writings, Shambhala Publications, Translated by Sam Hamill


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  1. tom

    seems I didn’t pass math

    i have always liked haiku and also tanka and other short poems because these poems transcend the few short words that make them up – there is that other poem around the poem – that the reader brings from their own experiences – that allows the words to go beyond the culture they were written in –


    after our long Keweenaw winter i can understand the awe

    in the sunlight
    new leaves

    or any of the myriad of ways we can say this –


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