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Five small poems from one of the smallest (“3½” x “4¼”) and best little mags in America, Lilliput Review. Do the cause for “little” in life a big favor. Subscribe here… –Norbert Blei


in 5 minutes
the old man
has told me everything

Robert Epstein

wait not yet
charters cathedral choir
singing bach’s “jesu”
young girl pushing
strand of blond hair
away from her cheek

t. kilgore splake

the I and the U

Shawn Boman

a morning
empty of words-
a shadow
begins to form
on my desk

Mike Montreuil

Spring is so short,
In what can we
Find immortality?
I let his hands fondle
My vigorous breasts.

Yosano Akiko translated by Dennis Maloney

boschman-full[from Lilliput Review, #168. March, 2009, $1.00, Don Wentworth, Editor, 282 Main Street, Pittsburg, PA 15201 USA]

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  1. Don


    Many thanks for the great job on this post and way kind words. I’ve passed them along via the Lilliput blog (Issa’s Untidy Hut) and will no doubt feed off them for many month to come.

    Don, Lilliput Review

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