to the small poem and the quiet voice within

frida kahlo | I used to think…


I used to think
I was the strangest person
in the world
but then I thought
there are so many people in the world,
there must be someone just like me
who feels bizarre and flawed
in the same ways I do.

I would imagine her,
and imagine
that she must be out there
thinking of me too.

I hope that if you are out there
and read this and know that, yes,
it’s true I’m here,
and I’m just as strange as you.


  1. David Dix

    This stimulates one to reflect again on Parker Palmer’s PARADOX, in humanely treating the stranger and just letting him be.

  2. Arlene Eisenbise

    Yes, yes, Frida, there is another. See my raised hand? Over here. It’s me, it’s me.

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